Capsim board of directors report- template already provided with

capsim Board of directors report- template already provided with sample of a  5th week round according to 5th round results and reports just need to follow the already written one and capsim report file that will be attached.

MY part is round 1 and round 4 minnimum 8-9 pages of  each  round. use the same chart as used in the 5th sample round. NOT THE SAME ONE FROM FIFTH ROUND BUT THE ROUND 1 AND 4 rounds report i will attach. ITS just you have to write the results following the reports and following the templates. Its a very easy job considering everything is provided. No research or references is required. Just follow the template. I will also add 5th sample round’ results so that you have clear idea that how that report is written.  Please stick to the sample i dont need anything extra but everything around the sample and reports.

THE MINIMUM PAGES FOR BOTH ROUNDS WILL BE 17-18 AND maximum 22-24 in total. JUST USE THE TEMPLATE AND FILL THE ROUND 1 and 4 dont touch any other round as youll be given reports results for week 1 and 4 only.

Ill also be adding the pictures you are gonna use in round 1 and 4 like someone has used in the round 5 just make sure you do analysis based on that pictures.

THE PRICE IM gonna offer is based on the easiness of assignments sources provided, IM not ready to pay higher than that.