C. L. U. E. – Revising Sentences in Planning Business Messages

C. L. U. E. – Revising Sentences in Planning Business Messages

C. L. U. E. – Revising Sentences in Planning Business Messages


Whether you are preparing an e-mail, memo, letter, or oral presentation, the process will be easier if you follow a systematic plan. For business messages and oral presentations, your writing should be:

Precise – “Time is Money” in a business. Do not procrastinate. You may have only 15 minutes to deliver a sales pitch. You will either pass or fail. Your success is in your hands.

Effective – by employing a positive and courteous tone, bias free language, simple expressions, and vigorous words.

Purposeful – You will be writing to solve problems or convey information that will help your listener/customer.

Persuasive – You want your audience to believe in your message.

Economical – You will present ideas clearly but concisely.Length is not rewarded.

Audience Oriented – Concentrate on looking at a problem from the audience point of view, instead of your own.

Skilled communicators strive to emphasize audience benefits in business messages. This means looking for ways to give something to the receiver, solve the receiver’s problems, save the receiver’s money, or just understand the feelings and position of that person. Look at things from the receiver’s point of view and how the receiver can benefit from your message. After reading the chapter 4 Power Point Presentation, you should be able to complete this assignment with little to no difficulty.

Objective: This assignment is designed to enable you to improve your ability to write effectively in a professional and business like manner that will apply to your audience needs, wants, and desires.

Work Task

Rewrite the following sentences to emphasize the perspective of the “you” view in business communications.

1. To avoid suffering the kinds of monetary losses we have experienced in the past, our credit union prohibits the cashing of third-party checks presented by our members.

2. We regret to announce that our electronics center is able to honor iPhone discounts only for limited initial offering during the next 30 days.

3. We are pleased to announce that you have been approved to enroll in our management trainee program