C++ game project due in 3 days with flowchart

No more than 7 characters variables and add much comments as possible because it big part of the grade please check the file i uploaded these are the requirement for the code

You are to create a project that implements your favorite board or card game.  It has to be a game that is well known and has been around for more than 10 years having well documented rules that you can look up online.  No, Tic,Tac,Toe is not complicated enough and that is not a board game or card game.  This is worth 20% of your grade equivalent to all the homework you have done so far.  It is to be comprehensive and only utilizes the concepts up to structures.  You will get to use classes on the follow up project to this.

Refer to the calendar for submission date.  Refer, to the Project 1 writeup and examples of previous students submissions.  I am looking for a complicated game showing your expertise in

     Memory allocation

     Functions with structures, used as input and output

     Pointers with arrays and arrays of structures, internally as well as externally.

     Use of character arrays as well as string objects.

     Reading and writing to binary files.

Basically everything in Chapters 9 to 12 from Gaddis.