Building a Collaborative Team

Building a Collaborative Team

Imagine that you are a high school counselor. You recently conducted a needs assessment and determined that a College and Career Readiness Fair would help meet the needs of students with regard to post-secondary options and planning.

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  • Describe your step by step process in planning for the college and career readiness fair. Please be specific. Would you form a committee, would you speak with your administrator first, would you immediately seek out businesses and colleges, etc. Would you survey students to determine what colleges and careers they are interested in, would you send out information to parents, etc.
  • Identify key stakeholders with whom you would collaborate and describe the role of each of the stakeholders you selected.
  • Explain in detail why you would collaborate with each of the stakeholders.

Please include in-text citations to support your assertions. Always include a reference or references with your post to demonstrate that you have reviewed the literature. Posts should be written in a scholarly manner.