Brainstorming and Team Creativity Presentation

Brainstorming and Team Creativity Presentation

This week you explored team creativity and brainstorming.  For five days, keep a creative idea journal.  Each day you should come up with 5-10 fresh ideas (these can be business concepts or strategies, for example) and reflect upon the merit of those ideas.  Additionally, identify the brainstorming technique/approach you used and determine the merit of the approach used to generate your ideas (consider referencing outside sources and course text to substantiate your approaches).

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Then, create a PowerPoint presentation where you share the top 10 ideas you came up with and include explanations/descriptions for each idea.  Discuss the brainstorming and/or creative process.  Create at least 2-3 summary slides that share what you learned from this exercise.

Your presentation should follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements and contain concepts from the reading materials or other outside sources. You will need to include a References slide at the end of your PowerPoint presentation.