Power Points

Power Points

The rough draft for your course project is now due.

Your rough draft should include a cover slide, the body of the slide, and a reference slide. The presentation should demonstrate a strong thesis statement about Liberia and its healthcare system.

# this must included

1, demographic information and vital health statistics about the Liberia

2, current health status and brief history of the healthcare system

3, cultural, religious, social, and political  factors that affect the healthcare system

4, challenges of the current healthcare system and issues being faced

5, future health projection based on rescues needed to address the country’s healthcare issues

6, comparison of Liberia and U.S. healthcare system

7, recommendations on how this country’s health system can be improved

The presentation should be 10 – 20 slides long. (not including title and reference slide). Your research should include at least five research resources. The presentation must use in-text citations and references in APA format.

Influence Public Policy

Influence Public Policy

An interest group is a group of people that seeks to influence public policy on the basis of a particular common interest or concern. Some of the most powerful interest groups in the United States are the AARP, NAACP,, NRA, AMA, AFL-CIO, and the US Chamber of Commerce. Find an interest group that relates to your career field. Research this group online.

Write a 2 page paper on the interest group you choose. Please include the following:

  • Summary of the group’s purpose
  • Summary of the group’s legislative efforts and successes
  • How much do interest groups have an effect on the legislative process?
  • Discuss how you think these groups are involved in lobbing and how you think the lobbying impacts the policy.
  • Would you be interested in getting involved in this interest group and how would you do so?

Strategic Assessment Project (My Budget Is $40, Please Only Apply If You Can Work With Me)

Strategic Assessment Project (My Budget Is $40, Please Only Apply If You Can Work With Me)

Assignment Instructions

Week 8 Final Project – Strategic Assessment Project (PowerPoint presentation plus References page)

Goal: Develop and present via PowerPoint a strategic plan for your organization, integrating various concepts, components and processes presented throughout this course.  Submit the presentation (ppt or pptx) along with a References page (.doc) that verifies sources used.

Introduction: Managers who want to improve the effectiveness of the future outcomes of their organization employ strategic planning. In a 20-25-slide PowerPoint presentation, present a strategic plan for your organization, accompanied by a References-only page as a Word.doc that contains the minimum 10 sources used in the development of the presentation. Your presentation may be a re-developed plan based on the plan your organization already uses. If you are in the military, you may elect to choose a company where you previously worked or select a company. In any case, you will need to begin by providing a brief history of the company, and then delve into the process detailed more fully below. Accompany your writing with a minimum five scholarly journal articles that support the assertions made in your strategic plan. You will also need to use at least five other sources—books, magazines, websites, and even interviews—to augment your data support for the presentation.

Your strategic plan should address [Suggested number of PPT slides in brackets]:

The Name of the Company/Firm  [1 PPT slide]

Brief History of the Company (or Organization), its Mission and Vision [2-3 PPT slides]

Organizational Analysis [5-6 PPT slides] : This section will present your identification of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses, which emanate from your value chain and functional analyses. There is a maximum of five strengths and five weaknesses and your presentation of them should be prioritized. Exhibits are effective tools to provide strong support for each strength and weakness. Please be as specific as possible and quantify your analysis where appropriate. This section will provide the first part of the foundation for your identification of strategic issues and related recommendations through your analysis of the organization’s core competencies, competitive advantages and organizational weaknesses.

Environmental Analysis [5-6 PPT slides]: This section will present your identification of the major external threats and opportunities currently facing the organization. These will be generated from your analysis of the industry and general environmental factors in light of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. A maximum of five threats and five opportunities should be identified and should be presented in a prioritized order. Use power point exhibits to support your analysis, be specific and quantify your analysis where possible. This section will provide the second part of the foundation for your identification of a strategic issue and the formulation of related recommendations through your analysis of driving forces, key success factors and industry attractiveness.

Strategic Issues And Recommendations [6-7 PPT slides]: Identify (with support) the most important strategic issue facing your organization. It is extremely important that you clearly integrate the strategic issue with your analysis to the organization’s SWOT. There may be interrelationships between particular weaknesses and threats or missed opportunities, which should be recognized. It may be possible that 2 different weaknesses, 1 threat and 1 opportunity could be combined, due to their relatedness, to form one strategic issue. Similarly, your recommendations should attempt to capitalize and build upon strengths, competitive advantages and opportunities that you identified. The point is to clearly ground your issue and recommendations with the internal and external analyses so that the presentation is clear.

Conclusion/Summary [1-2 PPT slides]

PowerPoint Suggestions:

  • The slides need to be detailed, ready for presentation, and professional in appearance. View the example in the attachment provided (below). Note how the citations are placed directly on the slides. Be sure to provide a separate references page that links to the citations on the PowerPoint. An example of how a references page should look is not provided, since you already should be able to construct that document as you would any other references page in APA.
  • The scholarship required for this project must be cited on the slides, i.e., 10 overall sources minimum, as specified in the Introduction above.
  • NOTE about the use of pictures—the website upload limit per PPT is 25MB.
  • Always present in “third person”
  • Do not forget to upload your separate references-only page to support the citations that appear on the PowerPoint.

Other Important Details:

  • Upload BOTH your PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) and References page (.doc) 

Project Management (Scope Management)

Project Management (Scope Management)

Using the project you selected before in Weeks 1, 3 & 5, provide an analysis of your project’s probability of success.  Utilizing the Business Analysis Core Concept Model – how was that applied throughout your project?  How are you planning for Business Analysis Governance and how are you approaching the Design Options?

3 pages

Using PMBOK and PMI as references

PJM 6005

Week 5 Individual Assignment



























Work Breakdown Structure


Project: Customizing Project Management Training Courses


1. Customizing Project Management Training Courses

1.1 Project Initiation

1.1.1 Communication Plan Plan Stakeholder meetings Plan team members meetings Decide communication channel

1.1.2 Scope management Gather information from previous courses Create deliverables and milestones Analyze time and cost for each deliverable

1.1.3 Risk management Analyze the risks during and after the project Prepare the risk document plan for avoiding risks

1.1.4 Documentation Prepare Project Charter Finalize Scope Document Prepare Quality Assurance Document Prepare Risk Document

1.2 Project Planning

1.2.1 Plan the replacement and legal procedures Finalize the previous courses

1.2.2 Analyze the quality for new courses Gather feedback for new courses Meeting with executives for the ideals

1.2.3 Communicate with the Professors in PM College Take appointment with Professors Gather feedback

1.2.4 Develop new technique and information for new courses Plan the improvements needed Talk with stakeholders to discuss the new ideals

1.3 Project Executing

1.3.1 Old courses replacement Take out the previous courses from the system Announce the replacement for thousands of facilities worldwide Confirm the number of servers to be relocated Uninstall hardware and software

1.3.2 New courses making List all subject that needed Figure out what need to do for each subject Prioritize the list Divide the program into 12 weeks

1.3.3 Employees application Announce the new courses for employees Send instructors to learn new programs Make a schedule for employees Train the new courses for employees

1.4 Project Monitoring and Controlling

1.4.1 Risk management List the risks associated with the project Create the risk management plan

1.4.2 Quality management Perform quality check on hardware and software of the program Gather the feedback of the new programs Ensure the program running smoothly and under control

1.5 Project Closure

1.5.1 Analyze the scope

1.5.2 Gather feedback of project

1.5.3 Project sign off





WBS Code WBS Name  
1.1.1 Communication Plan Develop a plan for communicating effectively, understand the purpose and select the audience, Evaluate the communication efforts, and adjust the plan accordingly, Provide information of communication channel, mode and frequency of communication to the team and the stakeholders
1.1.2 Scope Management Plan Involves scope planning, execution and control, will be initiated with the project management plan. Have template or forms to outline the scope management that includes the system placement, needful power supply
1.1.3 Risk management Plan Determine the risks that could potentially prevent the program, enterprise, or investment from achieving its objectives.
1.1.4 Documentation Prepare documents on information about the project’s stakeholders and it identifies the people, groups, and organizations that have any kind of interest or involvement in project.
1.3 Project executing The phase in which the plan designed in the prior phases of the project life is put into action. The purpose of project execution is to deliver the project expected results
1.4.2 Quality management System performance feedbacks and suggestions for improvement, A chance to review works and improve system performance, have standards set for quality for every item newly installed.
1.5 Project Closure In this step, we are closing the project and gathering feedback from customers to gain insight for the next similar project
1.5.3 Project sign off Perform all the legal formalities and have documents been submitted to the executives








Requirement Traceability Matrix
Customizing Project Management Training Courses
Business Requirements

Documents (BRD)

Functional Requirements

Documents (FSD)

  Test Case






Requirement Use Case

Functional Requirement



Requirement Use Case

Priority Test Case

# ID

R 1.1 Relocation the new program with zero disruption in Business R 2.1 Finalize the courses with cost and time High T 01
    R 2.2 Install hardware and software for the new program Medium T 02
    R 2.3 Announce and reschedule the program for employees High T 03, T05
R 1.2 Set up physical and virtual servers for 3450 facilities in all over the world R 2.4 Have system backups and check if operational frequently, update the servers. Medium T 04
    R 2.5 Have the instructors check up if they fully understand new program before teaching High T 05, T 06





Requirement ID# Business Requirement Description
R 1.1 Relocation the new program with zero disruption in Business
R 1.2 Set up physical and virtual servers for 3450 facilities in all over the world
Requirement ID # Functional Requirement Description
R 2.1 Finalize the courses with cost and time
R 2.2 Install hardware and software for the new program
R 2.3 Announce and reschedule the program for employees
R 2.4 Have system backups and check if operational frequently, update the servers
R 2.5 Have the instructors check up if they fully understand new program before teaching




Test Case #ID Test Case Description
T 01 Zero disruption while replacing the new program
T 02 System performance testing
T 03 Check the servers and run tests for each data server
T 04 Satisfaction Report and quality report
T 05 Operation System test
T 06 Virtual and physical servers performance testing




Success Criteria:

The project success criteria is a definition in measurable terms of what must be done for the project to be acceptable to the client, stakeholders, and end-users who will be affected by the project.



1. Employees satisfaction level with training program will increase 35%

2. The project delivered on time, on budget, and with the right deliverables

3. Increase workflow by 15%

4. Cut down management cost by 10%

5. The training program won’t interrupt another ongoing project


Quality Standard:


Indicator Metrics
Accuracy 95% of information from new courses are with the right ideals of stakeholders
Completeness 99% of the facilities are delivered the new program
Consistency 87% of employees are happy with the new training
Timeliness 90% of the training programs are on time
Validity 90% of information are helpful and increase the work efficiency
Uniqueness The courses are different every week, no duplicate





















Project Management Institute (2017). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK Guide (6th Ed)

Requirements Management: a Practice Guide. Project Management Institute, Inc., 2016

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Final Exam Essay

Final Exam Essay

MAN4301 – Human Resource Management

Final Exam Essay Instructions


Why we should love HR?

Remember that before our first class, we all read the article “Why we hate HR” that was published in 2005? It has been more than a decade since that article was published and there were drastic changes during the past 14 years. The editor of the journal now comes to you, and asks you to write a brief article choosing either one of the following options: Option 1: A rebuttal article entitled “Why we should love HR”. Option 2: An article entitled “Why we still hate HR”. You could talk about:

• Your perspective in general: o Do you agree/disagree with the arguments made by the original article? What

are some arguments that you find wrong/inaccurate/biased? Are there any opinions that you find still apply today? Why or why not?

• Evidence that supports your argument: o What are some reasons/evidence that can support your argument? Why is HR

important to employees and the general functioning of organizations? o Or if you choose option 2, talk about something like: why you think organization

can function properly without HR. • The current status

o How can we make organizations to recognize the importance of HR? What should HR professionals do to better serve the purpose of the organization?

• The future of HR o Where do you see the field of HR going in the next 5 to 10 years?

**Feel free to cover any topics/evidence/discussion points as you see fit in your article. The general idea is to convince the reader whether we should love HR, or why we still hate HR. the above list simply entails a few questions/ideas that you could cover in your article, but it should not limit your talking points, nor should it define how you structure your article. Write the article in your own style and make it appealing and convincing!! When writing the article, make sure you:

• Think about all the topics we have covered, such as recruitment, job analysis, selection, performance management, training and development, turnover, compensation, diversity



and discrimination, strategic HR and cross-cultural/global HR management when you write the article. Cover as many topics as possible in your article.

• Include cases and/or observations of the significant incidents/changes in the last decade that, in your opinion, changed the role of HR in organizations (e.g., technology, automation, increasing emphasis on health and work-life balance…). Try to insert brief (i.e., 2-3 sentences) cases or examples throughout the article when you are trying to make a point.

• The format would be a journal article – imagine how it would appear in a business journal. Use languages that are professional and straightforward.

• Write it in essay format, not answering questions one by one. Make a cohesive story line – have 3 to 6 main themes and/or subtitles like the article “why we hate HR”, it’s a better way showing that you have a good logic flow.

*Again, what I have listed above are just some typical approaches I thought of, and you do not have to follow it. You could be creative in writing, but the ultimate goal is to convince the reader. Formatting and logic flow:

• The article should be 800-1200 words. • Use sub-headings (see the original article “Why we hate HR” for example) to describe

the main themes. • I have posted some additional articles as resources – there’s no need to read all of

them, but in case you want some supplemental ideas, that is a great starting point. • Upload through Turnitin on Canvas – the system will run plagiarism analysis. You could

use materials online but make sure you say it in your own words and cite the source (changing “I want to” to “I prefer” is not called paraphrasing!!). You can use any format you are comfortable with (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.). I am aware that there are a number of articles online – those are great resources for you to get some ideas. But at the end of the day, I want to hear what you have to say, NOT what you can find online.

• Plagiarism will be taken very seriously in this course. Do not risk it!!! Click here to see more information (e.g., what is classified as plagiarism and self-plagiarism, how to paraphrase, etc.). You are not “off the hook” simply because you cited everything. The article can and should be built on other people’s ideas, but it should also include your original thoughts.

• Use FREE services from FIU writing center to edit your essay/article before submission.

Beginning Development Of Global Strategies

Beginning Development Of Global Strategies

Must be 600 words APA format.

Mike, one of the marketing strategists on your team, stops at your office door wanting to talk. “We use fabrics that are made domestically; however, there are issues with using these same fabrics globally. There are laws and regulations that prevent us from shipping these fabrics to other countries. This is a huge concern. One of our primary selling points is the consistency of quality of our product.”

You confirm Mike’s concern, “That’s an excellent point,” you say. “Now you’ve just given yourself and our team more work for the presentation. I’m sure that will come up. One of the board members used to run a textile plant in China.”

Mike nods his head in agreement. “I imagine textiles will not be the only resource concern,” he says.

Consider the following in your response:

  • Why should resources be a concern in a global strategy?
  • What resources may be a concern in the country you selected? CHINA?
  • How will this impact the decision to move to the country that you selected?
  • How will this impact your competitive strategy in your global market?

Review the reference materials on global strategy as there is information that may assist with the assignment.

Integrative And Analytical Tools

Integrative And Analytical Tools

Must be 600 words, APA format


As you close your weekly meeting with Deborah, she says, “There are some very good ideas here. I would like to see you continue with a global marketing plan. We need more concrete analysis and data for the presentation. Get your team to work.”

After your meeting with Deborah, you briefly meet with your team to discuss moving toward a more formal analysis.

“Tiffany and Mike, we need to provide a more detailed analysis,” you explain. “You’ve done a great job so far looking at what resources we need and potential countries, but we need to really dig deeper on this.”

Tiffany nods her head in agreement. “Definitely,” she says. “We need to look at some internal variables as well as political, environmental, sociocultural, and technological environments of the countries that we are considering.”

Mike interjects, “Well, that’s something we should consider, but it’s not the only way to analyze this type of project. This is such a big decision, and we need to give as much information as we can.”

You reply, “Great point, Mike. We should look at this from a couple of different angles.”

The next step in your strategic marketing plan is to determine the tools that are needed to conduct an analysis of the industry and competitors. Complete the following:

  • What are the best tools to use in this situation?
    • Provide a brief summary of at least 2 of these tools.
  • Why do you think these are the best ways to analyze the market?
  • How will you use these tools in your plan?

Want Someone To Make Few Changes In My Solution

Want Someone To Make Few Changes In My Solution

Develop a 7-page process improvement plan for a provided scenario or a business and process of your choice, using data to support your recommendations.


This portfolio work project, a process improvement plan, will help you demonstrate competencies in process documentation, process analysis, and process improvement.


For this assessment, choose either Option 1 or Option 2. You do not need to do both. You will apply one of these scenarios in the Requirements below. Both options will be graded using the same scoring guide.

Option 1

Wild Dog Coffee Company, a locally owned company with a single coffee shop location, serves a wide selection of espresso products, small breakfast and lunch menu items, and a limited evening menu. The company is planning to expand the business by adding an additional location. While different menu items may be tested at the new location, the espresso beverage preparation process will remain exactly the same. The company wants to ensure that the espresso beverage preparation process is documented and refined before the move.

Option 2

Select a business and process of your choosing. Note: It is recommended that you use the same business for each assessment in this course. Before choosing a company, read all three of the assessments thoroughly to ensure the following:

The company fits the assessment requirements and you have access to the information needed to complete the assessment.

The business information is disclosed in the assessment for faculty’s reference.

You can distribute the business data without disclosing confidential information.

Your Role

Option 1

You are one of three owners of Wild Dog Coffee Company. Your background is primarily in operations. Your business partners’ backgrounds are in marketing and sales. While they are working on the external aspects of the business that will bring customers in, you are focused on making the internal customer-facing processes as efficient as possible. You are preparing an analysis and recommendations that will help manage a core process improvement for the successful opening of a second location.

Option 2

Your boss, a director, has tasked you with a process improvement project. She is relying on you to prepare an analysis and recommendations that can be presented to the executive team of the company.


Include the following in your process improvement plan:

Assess the steps for a selected process.

Develop a flowchart showing the process’ steps. You may include as many steps as are relevant for your selected scenario.

If using Wild Dog Coffee Company, show the steps for preparing an espresso beverage (for example, latté, cappuccino); there are two steps that must be included: (1) order is submitted and (2) beverage is handed to the customer. Hint: You may want to visit a local coffee shop to observe the beverage preparation process.

Prepare a procedure documenting the selected process. At a minimum, the procedure must document the following for your selected process:

Metrics. Identify at least two metrics that will be useful in determining how well the new process is performing. Be sure to identify the target value of the metric and how you will measure it.

For Wild Dog Coffee Company, it could be how well the beverage preparation process is performing. A third metric is already identified for you: order delivery time. (This is the time between when the order is submitted and the time the beverage is handed to the customer.)

Procedure. This section describes each step of the process.

For Wild Dog Coffee Company, your procedure should be titled, “Espresso Beverage Preparation Process.” Be sure to include order submittal and handing the beverage to the customer as part of the procedure.

Purpose (of the procedure). This section describes what the procedure is intended to do.

Analyze data for process changes for a selected process. Respond to the following questions:

Is the process centered? Provide the results of your calculations and the rationale for your decision by thinking about the process capability.

Is the process capable at 3-sigma? Provide the results of your calculations and the rationale for your decision by thinking about the process capability index.

Is the process in statistical control? Provide the appropriate numbers and the rationale for your decision using a control chart for individuals.

For Wild Dog Coffee Company, analyze the Beverage Service Times [XLSX] data. This data is for 50 beverage preparation events and was collected using their order processing system. Each individual order gets a time-stamp when it is placed and again when the beverage is handed to the customer. The senior barista thinks the beverage delivery times should range between 2 and 3 minutes. The known process standard deviation, which has been calculated on an on-going basis, is 0.5903 minutes.

Analyze the cause and effect of process variances.

Brainstorm possible sources of variation to create a cause-and-effect diagram to help analyze potential sources of variation in the espresso beverage preparation process at Wild Dog Coffee Company or for your selected business’ process. Your diagram must include at least four of the “6 Ms” (that is, management, manpower, method, measurement, machine, materials).

Recommend quality and customer service improvements for a selected process.

Detail the results of your analysis for Wild Dog Coffee Company or your selected business’ process to substantiate your recommendations.

Deliverable Format


The process improvement plan is to be a minimum of 7 pages, not including the title, reference, and appendix pages.

Use a process improvement plan template of your choice.

Related company standards:

The process improvement plan is a professional document and should therefore follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines (available in the MBA Program Resources), including single-spaced paragraphs.

In addition to the title and reference pages, include the following in the appendix:



Detailed results of order delivery time analysis.

Cause-and-effect diagram.

Use American Society for Quality (ASQ) data analysis tools and 2–3 additional scholarly or academic sources where applicable.

Use APA formatting for citations and references.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

This discussion has 3 parts:

  1. What do you perceive are the different roles and activities commonly required for human resource managers?
  2. How are human resources managerial roles and activities affected by aspects of leadership planning and compensation?
  3. In your opinion is it important for human resources managers to be certified through the Society of Human Resource Management? Explain your stance.

Project Agile

Project Agile

Using your 3 value stream maps, create 3 kanban boards with special attention to work states, WIP limits and team size.


Rubric for the final assignment
Max Student
Submitted on time 20
3 kanban boards were created 45
WIP limits were indicated 15
Work states and team size were indicated 20
100 0