Module Learning Outcomes (MLOs) On completion of the module, you will be able to: 3.1 Knowledge and Understanding 1. Define and evaluate selected key theories and concepts associated with teams’ main characteristics and processes, the issues facing teams, and the organisational context of teams. 2. Critically appraise selected key theories and techniques associated with the groups and teams in an organisation, organisational structures and management processes. 3.2 Intellectual/Professional Skills and Abilities 3. Empowered with the knowledge, skills and abilities to create, participate in and effectively lead real and virtual project-orientated teams. 4. Critically review the literature on team dynamics, management and organisational behaviour and engage with what others have written through evaluative discourse. 3.3 Personal Values Attributes 5. Exhibit the professional ethics characteristics of a Northumbria University postgraduate student. You will have the opportunity to reflect on how these are related to your values and review your personal, professional development plan.