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Paper Content of the paper:  An argumentative paper is one that focuses on facts and evidence to support the claims of the author. Thus, you should take a stand on an issue in development, and support this position using evidence from academic research articles. Using empirical journal articles You will need to use empirical journal articles as […]

300 Word Essay

300 Word Essay Pose a question that you have about anything pertaining to child development Describe how you would go about answering the question with research. What do you need to consider when designing this study? How will you decide what kind of research to conduct (survey, observation, experiment, etc.)?  What did you learn about Developmental […]


Assignment Write a paper (1,000-1,250 words) about the selection of the appropriate psychological test and/or assessment. Answer each of the following three questions: What resources are available to assist counselors in the selection of the appropriate psychological tests and/or assessments for a client? What are four to five important diagnostic factors a counselor should consider […]

Capstone Project Part V: Action Plans

Capstone Project Part V: Action Plans Capstone Project Part V: Action Plans A theme throughout this course has been that human and social services professionals constantly apply theories and processes to address issues and challenges. As a social change agent, leader, and advocate, you should be able to apply relevant theories and processes to implement […]

In response to peer posts

In response to peers’ posts, state whether you agree or disagree with the thematic connection your classmates identified and explain your answer. Additionally, discuss any other shared themes you note in the two works they chose. Harley post My two works include Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. In both of these works, they […]


ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW: Over the past several decades, health care and information technology have undergone a period of dramatic change caused by a multitude of pressures and opportunities, many of which continue to persist and evolve. More recently, we have started to leverage the power of health care information technology to improve patient outcomes and […]


Sentencing In 750-1,000 words, describe the following: Describe the options in the sentencing process. Describe how a judge determines an appropriate sentence. Discuss the different types of punishment offenders receive. Assess what happens if a criminal offender is dissatisfied with the outcome of a trial. Use three to five scholarly resources to support your explanations. […]

Psych Paper

Psych Paper CULTURAL COMPETENCY AND RESEARCH ANALYSIS This is the first component of your course project. For this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to apply psychological principles and research findings to a situation related to culture, ethnicity, and diversity. Note: In this assignment, you begin your project work on the case study that you chose […]

Cross Cultural Psychology

Cross Cultural Psychology  no page limit as long as all questions are thoroughly answered. How is an individual’s score on a measure of personality a reflection of their culture? Describe the 3 different theories we discussed in lecture on personality development and how each views the role of culture? Describe the independent vs. interdependent construal […]


Psychology If you attempt to mix-and-match prompts from different essays you will lose half of your essay grade (e.g., if you select 1A & 3G you will lose 15 points).  Essay responses should be 2-3 paragraphs. Essay option 1.   (choose 2 of 3 below; don’t answer all 3 across A B C) a. Johnson & Wilson […]