Assignment  Review and Chi Square

Review and Chi Square


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1. Read “Tomato Helps Cut the Risk of a Stroke” on Blackboard. Assuming we only
have data for the high and low lycopene samples and that the sample size is the same for
both groups, test to determine if lycopene levels and stroke are independent. Be sure to
include your p-value and Excel spreadsheet. Also interpret your results.
2. How is the Chi Square test different from a two-sample t test or an F test? Be
complete in your comparison.
3. Design and construct a test in which you can use Chi Square. Collect, analyze and
interpret the data. Include the following information:

Relationship you are testing
Null and alternative hypotheses
Short description of the source of your data
Data and data analysis from Excel
Interpretation of the results of your analysis
Final conclusion

4. Based on our analysis in class and a reading of the article (on Blackboard), comment
on “Taking double Cut, Surgeons Implant their Own Devices” (remember this is a
statistics class – not a sociology class).
5. What are some examples of when you would use an F test – be specific.