Assignment: essay #2 rough draft

English 1A – Essay #2 – THE MEANING OF EDUCATION: 120 points

You have completed writing the summary  of one of the essays given below. You have also written the thesis statement for the same essay you have chosen to write about. Now, you need to write  a rough draft of Essay 2 that is given below.

Note: Turnitin will be  turned on for Final Draft of Essay 2.

In 3 1/2-4 full pages + Works Cited page (750-1000 words; MLA format)  write an essay in which you formulate an evidence-based argument to analyze the purpose(s) of education in ONE of the essays you read. What are the problems the author sees in education in the U.S.? Where do you stand on the issues she/he raises and the conclusions she/he draws? There is no need to use outside sources for this essay.

Choose ONE of the following essays on ‘Education’ to respond to from Chapter 14 ( 4th Edition)

  • Mark Emundson, Who Are You and What Are You Doing?
  •  Susan Dynarski, Why American Schools Are Even More Unequal Than We Thought
  •  Nikole Hannah-Jones, School Segregation, the Continuing Tragedy Of Ferguson

 Though the majority of your essay 2 is focusing on ONE of the above essays, you may refer to the other articles and texts from the class so far in your essay. You may also repurpose your summary and discussion boards for this essay. (Don’t just cut and paste – actually revise your written work so that it meets the terms of this assignment.) Do not forget to Label the Summary and transition Sentence (from the summary to the thesis statement), and the Thesis Statement.

Also, use a transitional word and the beginning of each body paragraph.


Introduction: 3/4 page: Hook, Summary, Transition Sentence, Thesis ( Sheridan -Baker Model: Thesis= Refutation + Claim+ Rationale -at least 3).

Three Body paragraphs : at least 3/4 page each; do not forget to label the paragraphs TS, MP1, ELab1, MP2, ELab 2, MP3, ELab3, CS .

Conclusion: 1/2 page:  Why is the issue important? What are the implications of the claim/essay? Why should the reader care?

Works Cited: separate page

You also need to label all the sections/parts of the essay. For example: the first paragraph should be as follows:

Title: Balance is Key: The Effect of Technology on the Developing Brain
SUMMARY OF ARTICLE #1: (TS) In the article “Is Technology Scrambling
My Baby’s Brain?” published in The Verge in 2009, Ben Popper questions the effects technology
could have on his son’s developing brain after his wailing baby is quickly soothed by the comic
images on his iPhone. (MP#1) Popper’s mother and wife are both horrified by this, and his wife
responds by shouting “You’re going to turn him into a vegetable.” (ELAB) Popper refers to their
reaction as “knee-jerk technophobia,” and yet this prompts him to research the effects of
technology on early childhood development. (MP#2) Popper finds that technology can benefit
the child, especially during the first two years of his or her life. (ELAB) In an attempt to
rationalize this claim, Popper turns to Dr. Dimitri Christakis, director of the Center for Child
Health Behavioral and Development at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. (ELAB) Christakis
conducted a research on two groups of children by “comparing the effect of television to
interactive iPad games. (ELAB) Although the study is not yet finished, Dr. Christakis
hypothesizes that children tend to learn more when they interact and take part in the learning
process. (MP#3) Popper decides that instead of depriving children of technology, it should be
used as quality time where the parent and child can bond. (ELAB) According to expert Michael
Levine, “If you’re there to guide them, today’s interactive devices can be a great way to learn
and to bond.” (ELAB) Popper believes it difficult to deprive children of technology. (CS) Popper
concludes that children should indeed be exposed to technology and should be used to the benefit
of the child. (Transitional sentence ) The question is: is Popper fooling himself? Of course, nearly all
technological advances are the sight for criticism. (Thesis ) While many argue that
technology is harmful, they fail to be realistic and realize that Popper is correct when he argues
that a balanced approach, __________________, and __________________________ are necessary .

You must continue labeling throughout the essay. Please read  “Sample Student Essay # 1 2015” from Module 2.

MLA format : Rules for Writers: Pages 391-463

12 point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, double spaced

Only on the first page , place your name, your instructor’s name, the course title, and the date on separate lines against the left margin.

Then center your title.Do not leave extra space above or below the title.

Page number preceded by your last name in the upper right corner.

See Canvas for the full grading guidelines and date that the final draft will be due (worth 120 points). These will be graded closely.