Apple Macbook Assignment Part 2

For the Assignments and the Integrated Marketing Communication Plan we will be considering the Apple MacBook Air as the product.

We looked back for Assignment Part 1.  Assignment Part 2 begins the process of looking at the market today for Apple’s MacBook Air and predicting into the future.  First, you are to determine who is the target market for the MacBook Air.  Consider things such as market segments, demographics, regions, etc.  Explain why this is the target market.

Now that you have a target market, discuss the consumer behavior within the target market.








Apple MacBook Air Historical Marketing

Phillips Gomez

Promotional Strategies

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Apple MacBook Air Historical Marketing

Apple’s MacBook Air is one of the most loved Apple products with most of the users preferring it for its top refined qualities. Since its introduction in 2008, the MacBook Air has progressively had revised qualities to fit the market needs and edge out close competitors. One interesting thing about the Apple’s MacBook Air is the various techniques that the company adopted for marketing the super line in different channels and media platforms at different times. A brief overview of the historical analysis of the advertisements including media types, market changes and any failures as well as successes will be provided below.

When MacBook Air was launched the first official advert was accompanied by a very appealing song “New Soul”, by Yael Naim (Gatrafan 2008). This song played a great role in introducing the product to the world. The market positively received the product with many learning to sing along as the advert played. This particular advert focuses on the product’s key quality; thinness. This is why the company chose a very simple way of doing the advert but which captures the selling point; “The World’s thinnest notebook”. The MacBook Air came at a time when there was no other notebook which would match its features in terms of thinness and functionality. This was therefore the major selling point which the marketers capitalized on in all markets.

In the year 2010, Apple assessed the qualities and decided to come up with a revised version of the MacBook Air. This saw the production of a redesigned version which now relied on a solid state disk (ssd), had a chassis that was tapered and also advanced the portability qualities by using 11.6-inch screen. This was now the second generation version which was equally loved by many. At this time, Apple focused on fixing a few issues that were not in the first generation version. They therefore used a powerful processor, included more USB ports as well as came up with the much needed SD slot. They also produced the 13 inch version with the same improved qualities to maintain the market accustomed to that screen size. To market this second generation version, Apple again adopted a very simple advert which portrayed the ultra-thin body of the MacBook providing a clear indication that this was the best, most powerful and slimmest laptop in the market. The advert’s caption of the “the next generation of MacBooks’ ‘ clearly suggests to potential buyers that by purchasing the product they would be getting something that is worth keeping even in future (Nick, 2010) .

In 2018, Apple released the third generation which focused on giving the customer a redefined quality majorly on portability. The product also had other features like the Retina display as well as used both USB as well as thunderbolt 3 ports. This new design greatly appealed to users. The reduced weight which is 1.5 kg as well as reduced thickness to 15.6mm. More updated versions continued to be released in 2019 as well as 2020. The marketers were keen to promote this new product in the best possible. The marketing team adopted the song Trampoline” by Shaed, to cover the advert. The advert focuses on the lightness of the product as well as its thinness. The song words, “I‘ve been having dreams, jumping on a trampoline, flipping in the air, I never land, just float there” clearly captures the message and features of this unique product (Apple, 2018). The three generations of the MacBook Air have sold very well and the only key criticism was in the first generation which lacked enough ports as well as an SD card slot. Apple has always been keen to listen to customer complaints and address them quickly with more updated versions and this has been one of their winning strategies in marketing despite having highly priced products.




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