American History

The homework assignment is about how young Mill Girl factory workers were impacted by the Market revolution.

Read the attached file that contains the assignment instructions along with a PDF of the readings.  Then answer the assignment questions in a short essay, as the assignment requires.  Thank you.

Prof. Sokolow

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Answer the following question in a short essay.


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In “The Lowell Textile Workers”, Harriet Hanson Robinson describes her

experiences working in Massachusetts textile mills of the 1830s.


What kind of women came to work in the mills? Why did they do so?


What were millworking conditions like, according to Harriet? (Give specific

examples of her daily schedule, salary, etc.)


Finally, describe the reasons behind the workers’ strike of 1836. Do you agree

with Harriet’s statement that mill work represented a “new era that was about to

dawn for all women-kind”? Why or why not?