American Government

1. Write a paper in which you discuss in details the role of the president as chief legislator. Why is there conflict between Congress and the president while the president is performing the role of chief legislator? Select a specific instance of public policy conflict between Congress and President Obama or President Trump and explain the reasons for the conflict.

Critical Thinking Research Paper Requirements

· The paper is required to be written in the APA Writing format, 6th edition.

· Click HERE for the basics of APA formatting . See also the sample paper below.

· Click HERE for a sample paper in the APA format.

· Click HERE for additional help with APA (6th ed.) in-text citations and references (SPC Online Library).

· It should include a title page, abstract page, analysis, and reference page(s).

· Penalties for not complying with this requirement will range from 10% to 40%.

· Your research paper analysis should be in at least 1500 words.

. The title page, abstract page, and reference page(s) don’t count toward the length requirement.

. Penalties for not complying with this requirement will range from 10% to 60%.

· Your analysis of the topic should be comprehensive and supported by extensive research.

. Your analysis should include also related legislation and legislative process, court decisions, and other political and legal implications.

. Your analysis should be supported by at least ten (10) sources of information. The textbook should not be used as a source of information.