America As Superpower


Cold War strategic concerns: “MAD Doctrine”

Cold War confrontations: Korean War

***write about America’s international superpower role for the long period since World War II to the present.***


In your introduction section, include the information listed in the bullets below. Your introduction should be one paragraph in length:

  • Identify the      two examples you will discuss—one from the Cold War period (1947–1990);      another from the Post-Cold War period (1991-Present). Each example      involves a strategic concern and a confrontation.
  • Inform the      reader that you will be discussing the history and issues related to your      examples as well as comparing the two examples.


In two paragraphs: Describe briefly the background of your example from the Cold War period (1947–1990) of a strategic concern and confrontation. Establish the general time period, key leaders, and any outcome. Then, in your second paragraph, do the same for your Post-Cold War example (from 1991–Present). You probably need in-text citations in these paragraphs.


In your comparison paragraph, using the examples–compare the different historical contexts and strategic concerns and the outcomes. What do you see as the strengths and weakness in each example?


In your conclusion paragraph, consider your examples as they illuminate today’s international issues and America’s role in the world. What lessons can we learn from these examples? How do you think we should approach the future strategically?