African American History _ Week 3

Introduction to African American Studies

Week 3 Discussion

In your topic area — Reconstruction, Education, Terror and Lynching, or Black Culture — write about three ways where events, ideas, laws, or social practices of the past are still significant in 2020.  In what way has the 40-year time period after the Civil War shaped the lives that black Americans experience today?


** should be 250 words in length, which is equal to about 1 page of double-spaced writing in Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman 12 point font in a Word document.

Please make sure to follow the scoring rubric.

Here is the Rubric that will be used for the Student Essay and Responses in the Weekly Discussions.

Initial Post – 30 points weekly, 10 criteria worth 3 points each:

Criteria 3 points 2 points 1 point
Answered question by the deadline with required 250-word minimum      
Cited required readings at least 3 times using correct MLA-style method including a Works Cited List      
Included no factual errors or misreading of the course materials      
Used quotations only for effect and comprised less than 20% of the post      
Included an explicit thesis statement      
Explained main points from the readings cited      
Provided 3 detailed examples to support his/her answer      
Provided 3 insights that furthered knowledge of the discussion topic      
Communicated the post clearly with good paragraph organization and no grammatical or spelling errors      
Clearly described and expressed his/her own conclusions