.A psychology student runs one experimen

1.A psychology student runs one experiment

1. A psychology student runs one experiment for a study about the relation of stress to the19543Wetimmune system. She randomly divides 26 laboratory animals into two groups. Each group istreated exactly the same, except that the floor of the experimental group’s cages occasionally20450Wetopen and the subject falls into water. This immersion in water is very stressful. The student21Wetconducts a blood test to measure T-cells after 12 days of the procedure. T-cells are necessary for509strong immune defense systems. Two subjects in the Stress group became ill and were removed22541Wetfrom the study. She finds:23623WetNumber of T-cells24576WetControl Group Stress Group1765Dry865Drya. What is the independent variable?b. What is the null hypothesis? State this in words, and provide the symbols to state this null3678Dry(Ho = …..)780Dryc. Compute the appropriate statisticd. What is your decision?5567Dry787Dry7901Dry747Dry9689Dry10699Dry11734Dry12719Dry679Dry14789Wet15467Wet16546Wet17623