A diver dives off of a raft – what happens to the diver? The raft? How does this relate to Newton’s Third Law?


Action Force: _______________ Reaction Force: _____________

2. A tennis racquet hits a tennis ball. Why doesn’t the racquet swing backwards when the ball hits it?

(Shouldn’t it swing back because of action-reaction forces?)

3. What action-reaction forces are involved when a rocket engine fires? Why doesn’t a rocket need air to push on?


Action Force: _______________ Reaction Force: _____________

4. What forces are acting on a book sitting on a table?

   Are action-reaction forces involved in this situation?

5. If two people each standing on a scooter board push off of each other what happens (Newton’s 3rd Law)?

6. In #5 how would the distance moved by the scooter boards compare if one person had a lot more mass than the other person?

7. If a person standing on a scooter board pushes off of a wall, what happens?

b. Can this situation be explained in terms of Newton’s 3rd Law (action-reaction)?

8. How is shooting a shotgun related to Newton’s 3rd Law?

b. Why does a rifle have less “kick” than shotgun?