) A consultant is best described as2) According to Block, every consulting project, regardless of size, must go through five phases.

) A consultant is best described as2) According to Block, every consulting project, regardless of size, must go through five phases. Why is that so important?3) What is the purpose for an initial contact with a client regarding a project?4) According to Block, the feedback and decision to act phase of the five phases of consulting includes which of the following?5) Journals, abstracts, scholarly books, and the materials located in the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) are examples of ______ sources.6) What does author Salkind suggest as the initial step in the process of writing a literature review?7) What are the main functions of the operations functional area?8) Providing the funding for all organizational day-to-day operations is the responsibility of which functional area?9) Why is the human resources department affected by most business problems?10) The marketing and sales department reacts to a problem by11) The presenting problem from the client and the real problem arc12) The purpose of the discovery phase is to13) What is the first step in the data-collection process?14) One step to prepare for data-collection meetings and to prepare for any resistance is to15) Which statement is a good method of engaging in new conversations and limiting the discussion ol history**16) Creating higher interaction among clients during engagement is how to bring_________________into the implementation phase.17) Which statement best describes a practical way to structure a meeting?18) What arc the two conditions of accountability that support high-commitment implementation strategics?19) The steps to be followed when handling resistance are20) The key to understanding the nature of resistance is to realize that21) The purpose of the feedback meeting is more than just a presentation of data; it is also an opportunity to22) What is the most useful guideline for giving feedback?23) Which statement best describes one of the goals in consulting?24 )_____________empowerment should be considered during the implementation phase.25) A consultant may choose engagement over installation when26) What benefits docs the engagement strategy offer that the installation strategy does not?27) Creating learning helps bring value to the client. What docs this mean when building elements through the implementation process?28) Why is the question more important than the answer during the learning and change process?29) The promise of consulting is to30) Saying no to inappropriate projects, avoiding no-win consulting situations, should happen.