500 words | Article writing homework help

PART A: You will create a media piece based around the theme of “alternative facts.

Fake News: Create a series of 3 short, “fake news” articles or news videos. They should follow a specific theme. Make sure to have a clear understanding of WHY your fake news is being created (fake news is used by people, groups, companies, etc to convince an unsuspecting audience of something. It’s supposed to seem real, but the motivation behind it is to deceive. As part of this option, consider what your motivations are for your deception).

Part A:  should be around 750 words for written tasks (or 250 for each 3 part task)


The focus for this assignment is to demonstrate a clear understanding of media conventions, as well as purpose and audience. Therefore, along with your media product, you’ll also be required to submit a short reflection detailing why you created your product and for whom it was intended. You must discuss and analyze the elements within your media product (including why & how you used the persuasive techniques of ethos, logos and pathos) as well as the other elements of media you used and why.