2 Assignment Hoosier Burger Case

INF340 Week 2 Assignment Hoosier Burger Case

Hoosier Burger Case: Part 2

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Read the Hoosier Burger scenario on page 128 in Chapter 4 of the text and address the following in a 1 to 3 page APA style paper:

a. How was the Hoosier Burger project identified and selected? What focus will the new system have?

b. Identify the Hoosier Burger project’s scope.

c. Using the six feasibility factors presented in the chapter, assess the Hoosier Burger project’s feasibility.

d. Using Figure 3-8 as a guide, develop a Project Scope Statement for the Hoosier Burger Project.


The owners

Implement an automated information system that can take care of the entire business. It should be able to support all the processes of Hoosier Burger like ordering, preparation, inventory, and management.

Executive summary: is the important firs page of the project plan which will be mostly view by stakeholders to get an idea on the project