1200 word essay mla format in what ways does our identity — how we

 In what ways does our identity — how we see ourselves as well as how others see us — impact our ability to be successful?

Essay Three Assignment

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You must submit an outline with Essay Paper 3.  Essay OutlinePreview the document

Use the attached outline to organize your essay. You can type directly into the document, save as a pdf, and send with your essay. Submit the outline with your essay.

Essay 3 Assignment

This third and final assignment will help you toward mastering important technical skills in the summarizing of a multipage text, using paraphrase and quotation, finding sources in the CCP Library databases, engaging in the writing process, producing a multipage essay, using the tools of analysis, interpretation, and comparison, integrating source material, and writing effective complex sentences without a pattern of errors.


Throughout the semester we have read a number of chapters from Gladwell. This week we added three more voices to the mix– Greenstreet, Coates and Anderson — that look at the benefits, costs, and consequences of identity in our lives. 

For this paper, you will the following question:

In what ways does our identity — how we see ourselves as well as how others see us — impact our ability to be successful?

This paper will also require that you use the CCP Library databases to find one source of your own to support your argument, and that you integrate at least two readings from the course.


Your paper should be at least FIVE complete pages in length (even one line less than two pages is too short), double-spaced, with one-inch margins top, bottom and both sides.

More Help

For more information about how you can successfully complete this assignment, see the “Additional Guidelines for Writing Essay 3.

A successful paper will…

  1. Be an obvious attempt to follow the assignment;
  2. Have a thesis statement at the end of the introduction;
  3. Have an organization that is logical and easy to follow, making serious use of the “they say, I say” design and relevant templates;
  4. Have a reasonably well-developed (as in detailed and specific) discussion, including thorough descriptions and explanations of ideas from Gladwell and/or other class readings as well as a clear explanation of your source from the Library database;
  5. Have paragraphs with organizations that are logical and easy to follow (including topic and concluding sentences and transitions within and between paragraphs that indicate logical relations between your ideas);
  6. Have sentences that are grammatically complete, logical, and easy to follow; and
  7. Have a minimum number of surface feature errors—correct use of periods and question marks, correct spelling, absence of typographical errors, etc., including no use of any form of the pronoun “you.”

Due Dates

Your Annotated Bibliography for this paper will be due December 6th.

No peer review is due; however, you may consult with classmates at your own discretion for revision suggestions.  You should have a mentor, parent, or other trustworthy person (s) offer suggestion for improving your essay.

Your final, revised, and polished version of your paper will be due Sunday, December 10th.

Additional Guidelines for Writing Essay Three

Below is information that can help you to think about who the essay is supposed to communicate with, how to do the Essay Three Assignment and what the assignment should look like.

Audience and Purpose

Your readers are people who hold standard views about ethnicity, identity, and culture.  Your goal is to move readers from what they already believe before they started reading your paper to what you want them to believe by the end of the paper.


  • First, you will read the three articles that are linked to the “Information on Week Seven Module.
  • Second, you will do some freewriting or other brainstorming about the central question of the essay and how the readings relate to the question.
  • Third, you will do research in the CCP Library databases. You will need to find one sourcethat helps you to answer the central question of the paper.
  • Fourth, you will compose an annotated bibliography. This will be a record of all the readings you will use in your paper — not just the one source from your Library researchbut also for the relevant Gladwell chapters or any other class readings you use. You will need to use at least two readings from our course in this paper.
  • Fifth, you will write the whole paper as a draft.
  • Sixth, you will submit your paper for peer review, and you will peer-review the papers of two of your fellow students in our class.
  • Seventh, you will use the comments of your fellow students to revise and improve your paper.
  • Eighth, you will edit your paper, proofread it, and edit it again.
  • Finally, you will submit your paper in its final form for your professor to read and assess.

Important Note: Since this is the last paper of the semester, you will not be able to revise your paper for a better grade.

Structure (you must submit an outline with your essay)

Using one of the templates for “Introducing standard views” found on page 23 of They Say/I Say, your paper should also begin with an introduction that 1) describes the problem you see with the standard view and 2) ends with your thesis statement.

The next set of paragraphs should make your own case, supporting your thesis statement, using the moves from They Say, I Say. These paragraphs must have topic sentences and use specific ideas from all your reading.

The second-to-last paragraph is where you will present your naysayer — both explaining the naysayer’s position and your explaining your answer to the objection. See Chapter 7 of They Say. I Say for more on how to use the naysayer.

The paper will then end with a conclusion that makes clear an answer to the question “so what?”