☐ i made sure that i completed all the requirements for the paper.


Write a 3 full page persuasive paper on the reasons fashion is bad for society. Instructions will be provided

Steps towards SUCCESS – Check Boxes for Your Third Assignment!


I included a SWS-formatted title page with the assignment; it is not part of the total page count.


My introductory paragraph starts with an interesting hook.

The introduction contains background information and the thesis statement at the end of the paragraph.

I have at least five sentences, but more is better, in this paragraph.

My thesis statement includes my topic, my claim or position about the topic, and three supporting points.

BODY PARAGRAPHS—Supporting paragraphs (at least six paragraphs total)

For each supporting point in my thesis statement, I have at least two body paragraphs.

Each of these paragraphs starts with a topic sentence that refers to the corresponding item in my thesis.

I have at least five or more sentences in each of these paragraphs.

Each paragraph has at least one piece of evidence introduced by a signal phrase with an SWS-style in-text citation.

Most of each paragraph is made up of analysis.

I use appropriate transitions and linking phrases/sentences.

 In each of these paragraphs, I have a concluding sentence leading to the next paragraph.

COUNTER PERSPECTIVE – Paragraph Before the LastParagraph

I discuss the opposing viewpoint fairly and honestly.

I have five or more sentences in this paragraph and in-text citations for the evidence in the counter perspective.

I describe how my position is better, or I acknowledge that the opposing position is valid but show that my position is stronger.


My conclusion paragraph restates my thesis or main idea in a different way and sums up the paper.

It does not include any new information.

At least five sentences are in this paragraph.


I have at least four sources on my Sources page listed in the required SWS format.

For every source I list on this page, I have at least one citation in the body of the paper.

For every in-text citation I have in the paper, I list the complete source here.

I put the Sources page on a separate page after the conclusion; it is not part of the total page count.

FEEDBACK REFLECTION PARAGRAPHS (three sections; not part of total page count)

I list all feedback I received on the previous assignment.

I explain how I used the feedback in writing this assignment (at least five sentences).

I explain how I will use the feedback in the future (at least five sentences).


I made sure that I completed all the requirements for the paper.

I proofread my paper carefully and checked the spelling and grammar using Microsoft Word, Grammarly, and/or Tutor.com. I reviewed any comments that Grammarly or Tutor.com had and made changes as needed.

I made sure my paper was written in third-person point of view.