· Analyze real-world issues, and develop proficiency in solving human resource problems through case studies and simulations. · Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.

· Analyze real-world issues, and develop proficiency in solving human resource problems through case studies and simulations.

· Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.


1. How will accomplishing these objectives support your success in management?


2. What risks or challenges might a manager encounter if they have not mastered these objectives?


Deliverable Length: 250 words (minimum) per reply below.


By learning the proper critical thinking skills, appropriate communication skills, and the appropriate writing skills will help in making a successful leader for the business to succeed.   Helping employees feel rewarded, recognized, and thanked is also key to performing effectively as a manager. The most important issue in management success, however, is being a person that others want to follow. People have rational reasons for following such as reaching career goals, attaining money, and gaining power.

Management has its share of perks and rewards. Managers are usually in a better position to influence and lead change. In most organizations, being a manager means a better compensation package and not having to sit in a cubicle. Most importantly, there is nothing like the satisfaction of helping an individual or team reach their goals and perform at their best. Risk management is the identification and management of anything that can cause potential harm to an organization.   The types of risks or challenges a manager might encounter if they have not mastered these objectives are that they could have the business go under, they could lose everything they have by trying to keep the company afloat instead of letting it sink or selling it.


The objectives of this course will support a successful management career by introducing the issues faced by human resource managers. The course will also go into how to solve potential issues through critical thinking, problem solving, and appropriate communication techniques. Legal and ethical challenges will also be covered and how to develop plans to solve those issues. This will give me the necessary tools to be able to deal with problems I encounter as a human resource manager.

If a human resource manager didn’t master the course objectives, then this could be very detrimental to their career. Human resource managers need to understand and know how to deal with problems that arise. If they didn’t have at least a minimum of knowledge, then the problem could grow worse and affect the organization negatively. This would also most likely result in termination from the job.


I spent a major portion of my working life in government service.  Structure was very hierarchal, and rule was autocratic.  Being out of it I can understand the need for that kind of management.  After C.&G.S. school they turn around and tell us that the way to get things done, was to know how to communicate ( listening and conveying information), lean how to build a working team, and as a leader get your subordinates to see and believe as you do.  The change in leadership styles was probably the hardest thing for me too adapt to.  From sun-up to sun-down, there was a “I tell you what to do , you do it, no questions”, mentality.but then, it was normal to us.  Learning this “new” way was a challenge, but I plan on teaching after graduation, and I found that if you couldn’t learn thne art of communication then you were doomed.  The next thing tol learn was how to build a working team and incorporate leadership skills into that.  You can’t get people to listen, learn, and follow you if you couldn’t believe in yourself  and the people around you.  I had to learn how to be nice to people.

The same goes for anyone that assumes the mantle of leader.  If your communication skills are lacking in quality, then you end up ruining yourself, those around you, and possibly doing irrepairable damage to your company and the people who were  your followers.


Accomplishing these objectives will support my success in management by knowing how to identify a problem, act on the situation using proficient problem solving skills, and how to avoid the same problem in the future. I will learn and use effective communication between my staff and me. I would want my staff to feel comfortable with me and tell me problems so we can solve them as a team. Even if my team is a diverse team with different needs, then I will support those individuals. I will learn all these objectives through this class and will carry on to my career.

The challenges that managers will face if they have not mastered these skills would have the same problem occur over and over or having unresolved issues. Teammates will not work together with the manager and no communication will happen. Managers need great quick decision making skills or the staff will not survive and have a big turnover rate. These objectives are very critical if a manager wants to have a successful team who works together.